Hello, passionate Prismo-ites!

First, a big thank you -without your pre-order support, Prismo would be but a blip on our Fellow idea board. We’re overwhlemed by the positive response for Prismo, and can’t wait to ship them to you.

However, although Prismo has superpowers, we do not, and thus, production has been moving at normal human speed. That being said, we have a Prismo timing update and the news is good-ish. It could be better. But it could also be much worse, so we’re feeling positive. During pre-order, our original estimated ship date was October. We felt like we were cruising and on track to deliver in October, but then we hit a slight speed bump. The trickiest part of Prismo is the gasket on the etched filter. The gasket is overmolded, which means two different materials in combination are used to create one part. In this case, the metal disc and rubber gasket are overmolded to create the air-tight filter. This process is complex, and if done incorrectly, will lead to leaking and a break in Prismo’s vacuum seal. We had the option to go with a cheaper gasket (and not overmold), but we decided to choose quality over time. We’re taking the longer route, but we know you’ll be happier with the end result.

So where does that leave production as of today? The tooling is done. We’ve created the mold for the body of the product and are now testing those samples. With the gasket hiccup, the new ship date from our Oakland warehouse has been pushed to November 15, which is a two-week delay from our original estimate. See how that’s good-ish? We could be reporting a 2018 date, but then social media comments would start getting feisty

You Prismo backers are a dedicated bunch – thank you! We appreciate your enthusiasm for this product, and we plan to deliver on everything we promised Prismo could do. While you wait for Prismo to swoop into your arms, here are some photos from our factory showing the overmolded filter and the injection molding pieces: