Stainless Eddy Steaming Pitcher Pouring Milk Into Monty Milk Art Latte Cup
Stainless Eddy Steaming Pitcher Pouring Milk Into Monty Milk Art Latte Cup

Does your coffee station seem a little…lonely? Do you yearn for something new, but aren’t sure what the best options are for your collection? If you already have some Fellow gear and are looking to expand the family, here’s a list of product power couples that will change your coffee game for the better. 

Junior + Prismo

Junior and Prismo AeroPress Attachment

Photography via @bychloewen

Prismo is a fantastic addition to any brew station, especially if you want an espresso-like shot without the steep price tag. Prismo increases the pressure when preparing an AeroPress® shot, giving you a light crema on top without having to spend twenty hours dialing in an espresso machine. 

The perfect bestie for pulling a wee shot with Prismo has got to be Junior. This ceramic demitasse is a much better option than using a standard sized mug or that one shot glass from your trip to Mount Rushmore. Plus, Junior is double-walled ceramic, so not only will your brew stay warmer for longer, you can hold it confidently and not worry about burning your fingers.

Eddy + Monty

Stainless Eddy and White Latte Monty

For those of you who want up the latte game at home, get our Eddy Steaming Pitcher. Eddy is designed to be used more easily than the standard steaming pitcher, featuring a crease going down the length of the body from the pour spout. This allows for better control when pouring your steamed milk. Plus, it’s got a ribbon handle—this allows you to grip the pitcher in whatever way you see fit—because there’s no right way to make art. 

We must be frank and admit that latte art is, in fact, hard. But this makes it easier. Especially when you pair it with….

Monty! Monty Milk Art Cups are also designed with latte art in mind. The interior of the Montys have a parabolic slope, which allows for foam and crema to rise to the top, allowing for easier execution when compared to a standard mug. Did we mention the Montys are stackable? 

Raven + Tasting Glasses

Raven Pouring Tea into Tasting Glass

Raven is a unique kettle, featuring a tea filter insert, and topped with a thermometer for great temperature control. Plus, its sleek exterior will dress-up any stovetop with ease (and it also kind of looks like a raven 😉 ). Once you’ve got your tea ready to go, admire the nuances of your favorite tea with our Tasting Glasses. 

Our Tasting Glasses come in a set of two. With thin, double-walled glass and a flared lip, your tea will stay warmer, longer. Plus, that flared lip will highlight aromas and flavors with more vibrancy than any standard mug from your kitchen. These glasses allow you to appreciate your tea like you never have before. 

Ode Brew Grinder + Atmos Vacuum Canister
Woman pouring coffee from Atmos Vacuum Canister in Ode Brew Grinder

Ode Brew Grinder and Atmos are a super power couple—the Meghan Markle and Prince Harry of coffee. They compliment each other beautifully, and are both famous in their own right. For instance, Ode just won the SCA Award for Best New Electric Product, while Atmos is like our super cool Gen Z cousin, it’s TikTok famous

With a unique single dose load bin, Ode is designed to ensure every grind is fresh and your beans are not going stale in a big ol’ plastic hopper. This is where Atmos comes in. Made to store coffee, a vacuum-powered lid removes oxygen from the canister to help your beans last up to 50% longer. This combination will make the last bits of coffee taste just as flavorful as when you opened the bag. Now that’s a life-changer.  

Do you have a dynamic duo or trio of Fellow gear in your kitchen that changed your coffee routine for the better? Let us know on Instagram or TikTok! We love to hear about all the cool ways our customers use our products. No social media? Email us here.