Raven Tea Kettle and Stagg Tasting Glass with Genmaicha tea on right side

Also known as “popcorn tea” Genmaicha is a green tea blended with brown rice. No, there’s traditionally no popcorn actually in the tea, but this blend is colloquially named popcorn tea for its bits of brown rice that sometimes pop during roasting and look a bit like popcorn.


Tea Characteristics:

  • Brew Color: light yellow
  • Base: green tea
  • Flavor profile: grassy, nutty 
  • Aroma: roasted rice


Brew instructions:

  1. Add 1tsp for every 8oz of water
  2. Heat water to 205 degrees Fahrenheit*
  3. Brew for 30 seconds.

*Since Genmaicha is technically considered a “lower grade” tea, it’s brewed at a higher temperature than normal green tea.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even try roasting your own rice and blending with your favorite green tea.


How the toasted rice (genmai) is prepared:

  1. Soak short or medium brown rice in water to prep for steaming
  2. Spread soaked rice on a baking sheet – make sure it’s a thin layer so the rice toasts evenly
  3. Toast at 350 F for five minutes, or until dark brown
  4. Cool rice before mixing with green tea (usually mixed at a 1:1 ratio)