The 2020 Wormy! World Championships
The 2020 Wormy! World Championships


The 2020 Wormy! World Championships is coming to kitchen countertops everywhere on October 5. Seven days of intense gaming, riveting rivalries, and big time prizes—all courtesy of your kettle! 

Courtesy of my kettle?

From unique shapes to powerful features to hidden video games, we don’t design products that are like anything else on the market. Wormy! is a game you can unlock on the screen of every Stagg EKG and Corvo EKG. To prepare for the competition, learn how to use the dial as your joystick and perfect your technique in between pour-overs.

 How To Play Submit Your Score Top 10 Prizes



Step 1 Step 2
Step 1: Turn on your kettle on
Step 2: Take your kettle off the base
Step 3 Step 4 How To Play Wormy
Step 3: Toggle the F/C switch back and forth
Step 4: When Wormy! appears on the screen, use the dial as your joystick. 

Your mission is to eat 40 Fellow bow ties in the shortest amount of time. For example, a score of 1:10 beats a score of 1:15.



Whether you have a blazing fast score or a score that—how do we say this gently—doesn’t *quite* crack the leaderboard, we still want to hear when you beat the game. You never know what surprises our team may have in store for you! 


To officially submit your score, email the following information to Wormy's personal assistant Hannah at


    1. A photo of your kettle’s LCD screen showing the score. This is very important for verification, and we will not be able to accept a submission without a photo.
    2. Your Instagram handle
    3. Your hometown 
If you beat your personal high score throughout the week, email again on the same chain!  



Only one true gamer will worm their way to the top, but the brave runners-up will also be rewarded.

2020 Wormy! World Champion
Take a bow. You ate 40 Fellow bow ties on your electric pour-over kettle in the fastest time in the entire planet. That’s a resume booster, if we’ve ever heard one. 

Yes, your prize package includes an Ode Brew Grinder, a Choose Your Controller Sweatshirt, and a Wormy! Hat, but that’s all peanuts compared to the real prize—The 2020 Wormy! World Champion Belt. Wear it with pride. Wear it outside (because of the glitter). Wear it for Wormy!

Wormy Championship Belt


*If you live in a country that is not compatible with our current international certifications for Ode Brew Grinder, you can choose other Fellow gear totaling $299.

2020 Wormy! Silver Medalist
No medal. Just something to help you train for the top spot next year. Pump iron and build your hand muscles with this finger weightlifting set. Your kettle’s dial ain’t going to turn itself! You can also consider yourself a proud new owner of our new Choose Your Controller sweatshirt and $150 worth of Fellow gear.

finger weightlifting kit


2020 Wormy! Bronze Medalist
Again, no medal. But who needs a medal when you’re the proud new owner of a worm farm?! You’ll also take home a snazzy Choose Your Controller sweatshirt and $100 worth of Fellow gear. 

worm farm


4th-10th Place Finishers
Don’t you dare hang your head! You made the Global Top 10 Leaderboard. Depending on where you land, you’ll be receiving a sweatshirt, a hat, or a Carter Move Mug to encourage you to move Wormy! faster next year. Lol.

The 2020 Wormy! World Championships runs from October 5-October 11. Follow along at @fellowproducts and make sure to share your Wormy action using #WormyWeek.