Atmos Glass Canisters in three sizes, filled with cookies, macarons, and nuts
Atmos Glass Canisters in three sizes, filled with cookies, macarons, and nuts

Across our research and expert reviews, Atmos Vacuum Canister consistently takes the crown when it comes to coffee storage. What’s the secret? Hidden inside of Atmos’ magic lid is a first-of-its-kind integrated vacuum pump. A twisting motion puts the mechanics into action to reduce internal pressure to half an atmosphere and extend coffee’s shelf life by up to 50%.

If you haven’t witnessed this powerful tool in action, take the word from someone else who has:

“If you like fresh and flavorful coffee, buy these storage vessels now. That flimsy bag isn’t doing your coffee any favors.”

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“We were huge fans of Atmos Vacuum Canisters, which are one of the toughest vacuum seals we’ve seen on the market. Atmos uses an integrated pump and a twist function to remove any air inside, as well as having a vacuum lock indicator that turns green when properly sealed. With a touch of the button, easily release the seal and your pristine goods are ready to go.” 

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Images of Atmos Canisters in Glass and Black finishes with cookies and coffee

 “Designed for the coffee-obsessed who know that freshness is one key to the perfect cup. Fellow’s vacuum-sealed canisters are also aesthetically pleasing, in matte black or white stainless steel (or clear glass), and they come in .4-, .7-, and 1.2-liter sizes.” 

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“For me, the Fellow Atmos satisfies the need for something simple, beautiful, and technically skilled — peep that ratcheting vacuum pump — all in one budget-friendly package,” he says. “Investing in a nice bag of freshly roasted coffee only to loosely stuff it away like a wet laundry bag is a travesty, so do the right thing and pick up one of these.”

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With 139 customer reviews, Atmos is one of the highest rated products on our website. 
Start guarding your goods—coffee, tea, sweets, and more—with vacuum technology. Atmos Vacuum Canister is available in your choice of three colors and three sizes.