The Melo Fellow Pour-Over Recipe | Melodrip x Fellow

The “Melo Fellow” is a simple four-pour brewing recipe that combines the unique steep-wall design of the Fellow Stagg [X] Dripper with the controlled agitation capabilities of the melodrip to deliver a consistently clean and evenly developed pour-over coffee.

What sets the Stagg [X] Dripper apart from the rest is its compact tube-like geometry, which allows each pour to achieve a relatively higher water level than other flat bottom drippers. This contributes to a speedier output flowrate throughout the course of the brew, adding to its versatility across a broad spectrum of grind profiles.

We recommend first trying this recipe with your usual grind setting, and following the coffee to water recipe of 15g coffee to 250ml water (1:16.6 ratio). You can also scale up the recipe with larger doses, though we recommended keeping each pulse around 50-70ml for a consistent flow rate and contact time.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 15g ground coffee
  • 250ml water at 205°F
  • Stagg [X] Dripper
  • Stagg [X] Filter Papers [They don’t smell so you can use less water!]
  • Pouring Kettle [We recommend Stagg EKG for its vertical pour control]
  • Melodrip and MD Glass Stick
  • Scale and timer

The Melo Fellow Pour-Over Recipe

The Short and Sweet:

1. 60ml Center Pour to Bloom, Stick Stir 3 times. Wait 30 seconds.
2. 60ml MD Sprinkle, Stick Stir 3 times. Wait for the water level to drop to the top of the slurry.
3. 60ml MD Sprinkle, Stick Stir 3 times. Wait for the water level to drop to the top of the slurry.
4. 70ml MD Sprinkle, lift the dripper and tap the side a few times to level the grounds.

Finish at 3:30-4:00

The Play-by-Play:

1. Grind 15g coffee at your usual settings.

2. With filter paper inserted, pour 10ml-20ml of heated water directly into the bottom of the Stagg [X] Dripper keeping away from the walls. Then hold the dripper at a 45-degree angle and rotate with the other hand. This will help hydrate the paper fins and help them adhere to the dripper. Pour out excess water.

3. Add 15g ground coffee: Pour in the grounds and shake the dripper to level the grounds.

4. At [0:00] Single Pour 60ml Water for the Bloom (Approx. 12 seconds of pouring): Pour directly into the center of the Stagg [X] Dripper and spiral outward and back in. Then continue to focus on pouring evenly in the center of the dripper for the remainder of the pour [due to this dripper’s compact size, a center pour is effective at evenly distributing heat and hydration].

5. Stir 3 times: Use the included glass stick and stir 3 times staying close to the paper fins, ensuring that the stick is placed close to the bottom of the dripper. This helps to break up any dry spots in the slurry as well as ensuring proper saturation.

6. At [0:30] 60ml MD Sprinkle: Place melodrip centered closely above the dripper and spiral pour 60ml onto the dish.

7. Stir 3 times.

8. At [1:30] 60ml MD Sprinkle: Wait until the water level drops to the top of the coffee slurry then MD Sprinkle 60ml.

9. Stir 3 times.

10. At [~2:30] 70ml MD Sprinkle: Wait until the water level drops to the top of the coffee slurry then MD Sprinkle 70ml. Hold the dripper and tap lightly to settle the grounds once more.

Scaling the Recipe
To scale this recipe up to 18g or 20g of coffee, we recommend keeping the same ratio of coffee to water (1:16.6) but limiting each pulse pour to roughly 50-70ml. So rather than scaling up the original 4 Pour recipe and increasing the amount of water per pour, we’ve found the best results when increasing the number of pours. For example, with an 18g coffee:300ml water recipe, follow the original recipe and add another 60ml pour, then finish off the last pour to 300ml for a total of 5 pours.

Melodrip and Fellow Stagg [X] Dripper Recipe

A huge thank you to the melodrip team for not only developing the official “Melo Fellow” recipe but also filming video! Make sure to follow melodrip on Instagram for more awesome content.