The Ultimate Gift Guide for 5 Types of Coffee Drinkers
The Ultimate Gift Guide for 5 Types of Coffee Drinkers

Want to celebrate a coffee-loving friend but not sure where to start? We’re here to help. Start by getting in the head of your gift recipient. Select which type of coffee enthusiast you’re shopping for, then scroll to the appropriate section and fill your cart.

Are you purchasing a gift for…

  • The Ultimate Coffee Nerd?
  • The Robust Romantic?
  • The Caffeinated Camper?
  • The Sophisticated Sipper?
  • The Specialty Newbie?

If you drew a name you don’t recognize for a Secret Santa exchange, skip to the end for our crowd-pleasing coffee gifts.

The Ultimate Coffee Nerd

The Ultimate Coffee Nerd is meticulous about every step in the brew process. They test each roast with multiple techniques, adjusting all the variables until tasting notes shine. They grind their beans just before brewing, set a timer for the perfect extraction, and hypothesize the nuances of each cup. 

Atmos Vacuum Canister
A good bag of beans deserves a good home. This powerful vacuum canister sucks air out to prevent oxidation and extends coffee's shelf life up to 50%.

Atmos Vacuum Canisters


Bring the science lab to their kitchen with a coffee syphon. This finicky apparatus, with its open flame, glass chambers, and vacuum effect, will delight the nerdiest of any brew crew.
Siphon Coffee Brewer

The World Atlas of Coffee
Written by World Barista Champion James Hoffman, The World Atlas of Coffee takes readers on a deep dive into the life cycle of a coffee bean, from first growth to final sip.
World Atlas of Coffee Book

Third Wave Water Mineral Supplements
Water matters. Improve cup consistency and reduce risky variables with Third Wave Water mineral supplements.
Third Wave Water Mineral Supplements

Ode Brew Grinder
Excite the most conscientious home brewer with this reimagined grinder, boasting a single dose loading bin and super precise particle size.

Ode Brew Grinder

The Robust Romantic

For the Robust Romantic, coffee isn’t just about science or sustenance; it’s a dreamy escape that soothes even the wildest mornings. Whether it’s the familiar weight of a favorite mug, the warm rush of steam from the heated water, or the earthy scent of fresh-bloomed grounds, this type is whisked into whimsy with every swirl of the kettle. 

Standart Magazine Subscription
Standart Magazine fills each issue with coffee-inspired prose poetry, earnest barista profiles, and important industry news. Plus, subscribers receive roast samples with every delivery.
Standart Magazine

Coffee Sugar Scrub
Upgrade self-care routines with Humphreys Street Coffee Sugar Scrub. The exfoliating formula feels good to the body, and the maker’s mission feels good to the soul.
Humphreys Street Coffee Sugar Scrub

Potted Coffee Plant
Research shows adding greenery to your space can improve moods and reduce stress. Why not optimize the experience with your friend’s favorite flora?
Potted Coffee Plant

Stagg Tasting Glasses
Sold as a pair, these Stagg Tasting Glasses are ideal for one-on-one coffee dates or for comparing multiple roasts side-by-side.
Fellow Stagg Tasting Glasses

The Caffeinated Camper

For the Caffeinated Camper, coffee never tasted better than when consumed in the middle of nature. At the first signs of light, the fire is stoked or the compact Jetboil system is called to action, and elitist ideals about brew methods fall to the wayside. With a fresh perspective from waking in the wild, complaints about a gritty sip are often left unsaid.

Prismo AeroPress® Attachment
Enhance the backpack-friendly AeroPress® with a Prismo Aeropress® Attachment. This convenient tool empowers espresso lovers to pull a “shot” from anywhere.
Fellow Prismo AeroPress Attachment

Manual Coffee Grinder
Fresh grounds just taste better, especially when campers put in manual labor for the flawless finish.
Manual Coffee Grinder

Carter Wide Mug
Leave heavy campfire mugs behind for the Carter Wide Mug, a travel container known for its aromatic wide mouth, drinkable thin lip, and True Taste ceramic coating.
Matte Grey Carter Everywhere MugInstant Coffee
Whether a caffeine headache is coming on fast or the manual grinder is out of commission, a top ranked instant coffee is the perfect pinch hitter.

Swift Cup Instant Coffee

The Sophisticated Sipper

The Sophisticated Sipper not only cares about the quality of the roast but also the aesthetic of their coffee corner. Design elements unnoticed by the average drinker will be championed by this type, as they appreciate the effect of sight on taste. This coffee lover tends to be a trendsetter in most areas of their life and may consider their love for coffee an important part of their identity.

Matte Black + Walnut Stagg EKG
Elevate any countertop with the hottest precision pourer on the market, complete with minimalist base and walnut accents.
Matte Black and Walnut Stagg EKG

Flavor Wheel Poster
Add iconic art to their walls with the SCA Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel. This modern design provides owners with a diverse vocabulary to complement any roast profile.
SCA Flavor Wheel Poster

Cold Brew Coffee Cocktail Set
Pour some booze in the brew! Twelve unique cocktail recipes and a cold brew kit help Sophisticated Sippers transition from merry mornings to holiday happy hours.
Coffee Cocktail making suppliesBarista Apron
Nothing says badass barista like a hand-stitched apron with leather straps.
Tan barista apron with man wearing it  

The Specialty Newbie

The Specialty Newbie is—you guessed it—brand new to the coffee scene. This individual may own a small collection of brewing tools and keep a handful of specialty roasts on rotation, but they still have a long way to go on their slow bar set-up. Have no fear, Fellow starter packs are here!

The Pour-Over Kit
Get everything but the beans with your foundational pour-over kit. Set includes the Stagg EKG Electric Pour-Over kettle, Stagg [X] Dripper, Tasting Glass, and filters.
The Pour-Over Kit with Stagg [X] Dripper, Stagg EKG, and Tasting Glass

Craft Coffee: A Manual
Explore 10 different coffee techniques with this hardcover book. Accessible language and brewing steps help readers consistently make coffee they love.
Craft Coffee Book

Coffee Scale and Timer
Swap the coffee scoop for a coffee scale and get the right ratios every time. (We’ve linked our favorite high-quality scale, but you can find several cheaper options with a quick search.)
Acaia Pearl Scale

Free: YouTube Coffee Classes
If you’re low on cash but want to support a coffee beginner, make a playlist of the best online lessons for specialty newbies.
James Hoffman's YouTube page

Crowd-Pleasing Coffee Gifts

Coffee Ice Cream
Get Jeni’s ice cream delivered straight to their door. Unlike most coffee ice creams that use artificial flavoring, Jeni’s steeps fresh Intelligentsia grounds directly in the cream.
Jeni's Coffee Ice Cream

Carter Move Mug
Give a travel tumbler that doesn’t compromise the coffee experience. Carter Move Mugs include a splash guard and ceramic coating to ensure your coffee tastes how you intended.
Matte Black Carter Move Mug

Letterfolk Coffee Passport
Help coffee lovers record every brewing experience with this structured coffee booklet.
Letterfolk Coffee Passport

Coffee, Of Course!
Guarantee gift giving success with a bag of specialty coffee from a Black-owned coffee company.

Bag of Portrait Coffee
About The Author: Cristy Wicks is a freelance marketer who keeps a natural Ethiopian roast within reach at all times. From Helsinki to Paris and back to Nashville, she works from cafes all over the world and loves connecting with baristas and bartenders along the way. She and her husband enjoy hosting rambunctious game nights, themed dinner parties, and casual cocktail evenings in their Nashville home.