Nutty + Chocolatey Coffee Beans

Rich and bold flavors. Not for the faint of heart.
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Nutty Coffee Beans

What Makes a Coffee Have a Nutty Taste?

A coffee’s nutty taste arises mostly from where the beans are grown and how they’re roasted. Coffee from South America, especially Brazil, tends to have a nutty flavor. These beans range in taste from almond and hazelnut to peanut and hints of a delicate chocolaty flavor for people with a sweet tooth. Medium to medium-dark roasts help bring out this nuttiness.

How to Choose a Nutty Coffee Bean?

You can use our beginners’ guide to coffee beans to help you choose the nutty coffee beans that appeal to you the most. We’ll teach you about the flavors and characteristics of beans grown around the world and about the roasts that’ll provide the perfect cup for you every time.