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Get started with Electric Atmos

  • How do I register my Electric Atmos?

    In order to register your Fellow electric product, please submit this form. Registering your Electric Atmos will extend your warranty by one additional year. 

  • How do I use and care for my Electric Atmos?

    Included with Electric Atmos is the Get to Know You Guide that walks through the canister's features. Cleaning and maintenance instructions are found in the Safety Manual.

  • How do I clean and maintain my Electric Atmos?

    To clean the lid of your Electric Atmos, wipe it down with a damp cloth. The body can be hand washed.

    Please note: Electric Atmos’s lid and canisters are not dishwasher safe.

  • Is my Electric Atmos lid interchangeable with the lid for manual Atmos?

    Yes! Your Electric Atmos lid is compatible with all sizes of your manual Atmos canister. You can swap between the lids as needed. 

    If you’d like to purchase an electric lid for your Atmos, you can find lids here.

  • Is there anything I can’t store in my Electric Atmos?

    You can use your Electric Atmos to keep almost anything fresh: whole coffee beans, loose leaf tea, nuts, etc.

    The only things to avoid putting into your Atmos are ground or powdered products (e.g. ground coffee, sugar, flour, etc.). These items will clog the valve.

  • How long does Electric Atmos’s battery last and how will I know when to charge?

    Your Electric Atmos’s battery lasts 3 months of daily use without needing a charge. 

    When your battery is getting low Electric Atmos the LED indicator light will blink red to remind you to charge. If your battery has run out the red light will be sustained. 

    To charge plug your Electric Atmos into a 5 amp and 1 volt USB-C cable charger. Your Electric Atmos can remain in use while charging so no need to worry about losing your seal!

Get started with Manual Atmos

  • How do I use and care for my Atmos?

    Included with Atmos is the Get to Know You Guide that walks through the canister's features. Cleaning and maintenance instructions are found in the Safety Manual.

  • Can I store ground coffee in my Atmos?

    We recommend storing only whole bean coffee in your Atmos. Storing ground coffee or other fine substances may clog the intake valve and prevent a proper vacuum seal and may also void the warranty.

  • Is Atmos Vacuum Canister dishwasher safe?

    No, the Atmos is not dishwasher safe. 

    When it comes to the lid, please prevent liquid from getting inside and do not clean the lid under running water. Instead, clean with a damp, non-abrasive sponge and use mild soap, if needed. For thorough cleaning, the gasket and filter can be removed and washed separately.

    Similarly, we recommend hand-washing the stainless steel and glass canister with a damp, non-abrasive sponge and mild soap. Using a coarse sponge, brush or other rough surfaces will scratch the finish of the lid and canister. If any sign of corrosion is discovered in the stainless steel canister, use a soft sponge to apply a polishing compound and rinse thoroughly afterward.

  • Is there any advantage between the clear glass Atmos or stainless steel Atmos?

    An obvious advantage of the stainless steel Atmos is durability. You can drop them and they won't shatter. A less obvious advantage is protection from harmful UV rays. This might be something to consider if your kitchen countertop is near a window and sunlight constantly shines through. 

    If you'd like to put your coffee beans on display, the glass canister would be a better option.

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