Like two coffee-fueled ships passing in the night, Blue Bottle Coffee and Fellow would quickly whisper collaboration ideas to each other at run-ins over the years. But nothing ever took, and off we sailed on our separate pour-over adventures. Thankfully, the long wait for the perfect project was well worth it.

Meet the Blue Bottle Coffee x Fellow Stagg Mini Pour-Over Kettle, enveloped in a creamy fog grey contrasted with a bright maple handle and lid pull. The collaborative design process pushed form and function forward through careful attention to detail and minimalist inspiration, all while keeping the technical needs of the world’s best baristas top of mind. We also landed on a single-serving capacity to place importance on slowing down for the coffee brewing ritual, sacred to many.

As Blue Bottle’s founder James Freeman puts it: “I like pour-over coffee for one simple reason: It tastes better than any other method. And besides, everything else is, at the end of the day, still a machine.”


A petite size doesn’t mean puny pours. In fact, the 600 milliliter capacity and featherlight feel leads to a more intuitive, controlled pour. The volume is perfect for a single-serving brew, but it’s just as functional for baristas who are working at volume. 


With a fluted tip and a built-in flow restrictor, the Stagg Mini’s spout was engineered for the optimal pour-over flow rate. The careful control and to-the-drop precision also allows you to easily master the pulse pour method, a delicate fine-tuned technique popular in Japan.


In a creamy fog grey contrasted with a premium oil-rubbed maple handle and lid pull, Stagg has never looked better. The limited-edition color combination, exclusively for Blue Bottle Coffee, elevates your kettle to the centerpiece of the kitchen.


In the early 2000s in Oakland, California, James Freeman, a slightly disaffected freelance musician and coffee lunatic, decided to open a roaster for people who were clamoring for the actual taste of fresh coffee. Using a minuscule six-pound batch roaster, he made a historic vow: “I will only sell coffee less than 48 hours out of the roaster to my guests, so they may enjoy coffee at peak flavor. I will only use the finest, most delicious, and responsibly sourced beans.”

He named his business Blue Bottle Coffee and began another chapter in the history of superlative coffee. Now, more than fifteen years later, and thanks to the enthusiastic support of many loyal guests, Blue Bottle Coffee has grown to a network of cafes across the U.S. and in Japan. They are still united by the simple purpose of getting great coffee to everyone who asks for it.

Photography courtesy of Blue Bottle Coffee