If we could think of one coffee brand we’d want to sit next to at the cafeteria in high school, it’s Onyx Coffee Lab. From their full transparency on green coffee sourcing to edgy branding to a passionate team, they’re the first we wanted to call up for our first ever coffee partnership.

We’ve worked on brew classes, coffee mixology parties, and educational videos with Onyx, but it’s truly an honor get a small peek into Onyx’s coffee sourcing and roasting mastery with this Fellow x Onyx Coffee collaboration.

We’re handing this limited batch of washed Ethiopia Nano Genji out at the Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston April 11th – 14th. You’ll also be able to win it at our booth claw machine.



Illustrated by Todd Purse, the in-house artist and wholesale manager for Brandywine Coffee Roasters. Todd specializes in hand-drawn illustrations visualizing the story behind unique coffees. Our partnership story began with a claw machine at the Specialty Coffee Association Expo. Well, actually we almost made it a cash grab booth but figured that might get out of hand. Working off our coffee claw machine that offers the best brewing gear at SCA, we knew we also wanted to offer the best coffee as a prize. Enter Onyx Coffee Lab. Todd magically squeezed all our gear, coffee, and the infamous Bear from Onyx into one magical claw machine scene to accurately depict our loving, and somewhat crazy, partnership with Onyx.

About the Coffee

Ethiopia Nano Genji

Western Ethiopia produces some amazing coffees, and historically the Nano Challa mill has produced some of the earliest and sweetest washed lots from this region. The fame of Nano Challa has grown membership past capacity of a single mill, and this year a new mill was completed and Nano Genji was born. Six hundred and thirty members are now split between the two mills, allowing for more growth and many more years of quality. This is the first year that Nano Genji has been offered, and it fits into the profile of Western Ethiopia perfectly.

This coffee is fully washed, and raised-bed dried. Much care has been placed on the picking, processing, and roasting of this coffee, which is evident upon first sip.

Flavor Notes

This delicious coffee has taste notes of candied apples, Assam tea, and a lingering lime zest. We also detect some fresh waffle cone in there.


“It was some years ago that we, Jon and Andrea, began to dream of serving a sweet, black cup of coffee to our customers in Arkansas. This coffee, the mythical bridge between the blended chocolate drink and a strong black cup, needed to combine the delicate flavors only present when coffee is grown and processed with love and care. Roasted to enhance but not mask flavor, and brewed to highlight those flavors, with the kind of customer service that meets people where they are – a solid, kind approach built on a desire to please them not only in the exchange at the counter, but with the drink they sip over meetings, laptops, and books.

Out of this dream is how Onyx Coffee Lab was born in October of 2012. Back then, we were struggling to get access to the kind of green coffee samples we were interested in. When no one knows who you are, no one wants to take a chance on you. We came out blazing with siphons, Kyoto cold brew towers, and weekly cuppings and classes, anything we could do to get customers asking why. Today we consist of a roasting facility, three stores with another on the way, 59 baristas, two roasters, a delivery guy, a warehouse grandpa, and a toddler.”