Cat & Cloud Coffee Roasters

Capitola, CA

Why we love Cat & Cloud

Food & Wine Magazine named Cat & Cloud the “Best Coffee Roaster in California” and their work goes far beyond the phenomenal coffees they roast.

  • Unfiltered Discussions

    Unfiltered Discussions

    Tune in to the Cat & Cloud Podcast to hear the Capitola-based roasters discuss the coffee industry, covering everything from sourcing and structure to barista pay.

  • Party Colored Coffee Bag

    Party Colored Coffee Bag

    Where Cat & Cloud go, fun and flavor follows. Their unique packaging blends graffiti art with a vibrant ombre color palette that is cause for celebration.

  • Cat Art, Du Jour

    Cat Art, Du Jour

    Specialty coffee is their CATalyst for creating a positive experience but optimism reaches new heights with the frame-worthy cat and cloud drawings that are added to every coffee order.

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