Onyx Coffee Lab

Rogers, AR

Why we love Onyx

Based in Arkansas, Onyx’s motto of “Never settle for good enough” is reflected in every element of their business. They source meticulously, roast to perfection, share expert brew guidance, and tell the unique story behind every producer, coffee, and origin.

  • Total transparency

    Total transparency

    For each coffee they roast, Onyx offers insight into every step of the supply chain, including the green price, transportation cost, production cost, and cup score.

  • A team of champs

    A team of champs

    Onyx’s team of champion baristas and brewers share their expert knowledge generously, and include one of our favorite coffee friends, Morgan Eckroth.

  • Travel heroes

    Travel heroes

    We’ve been fortunate enough to hit the road with Onyx, and shared an unforgettable experience brewing coffee under the Northern Lights in Iceland.

How we brew Onyx

Or should it be “where we brew Onyx”? Watch Fellow founder Jake and Bear from Onyx brew under the Northern Lights in Iceland.

Roaster locations

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