What's included

Fully leak-proof from splashes and spills, choose Carter Move Mug when you want your coffee to stay hot for hours in your bag or cup holder. For quick sipping while commuting, choose Carter Slide Mug featuring an unique angled lid that slides open with the flick of a thumb. To keep drinks cool wherever you chill, choose Carter Cold Tumbler with a screw top lid and straw stopper allowing you to sip effortlessly without splashes or leaks. To carry with confidence, choose Carter Carry Tumbler featuring an extra large capacity and premium stainless steel handle. To enjoy coffee at its fullest on the go, choose Carter Wide Mug with its aromatic wide mouth designed to amplify the senses and fit your favorite pour-over brewer.

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  • Up to 12 hrs hot, up to 24 hrs cold

  • True Taste Ceramic Coating

  • Secure From Spills

  • Drinkable Thin Lip

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