Here's how we brew this amazing exclusive from Brooklyn’s Sey Coffee—a silky cup of red berries from Burundi—Mutana Hill!

Founded by the acclaimed Long Miles Coffee Project, the Heza washing station continuously offers sublime selections. This microlot was grown on the hills of Mutana, a lush terroir dappled with cool mist from the nearby Kibira Forest.

We tasted Rainier cherries, strawberry, Red Vines, watermelon Jolly Rancher, mixed sweet citrus, and complex florals, with a juicy orange acidity and a silky clean body.

🌍 Origin: Kayanza, Burundi

💦 Process: Washed

🔬 Varietal: Field Blend

⛰️ Elevation: 2,100-2,200 MASL

Brew Recipe for SEY Burundi Heza Mutana Hill Washed

Using Stagg X Dripper


20g of Burundi Heza Mutana Hill

350g of water

202 F


1. Measure and grind coffee at a medium-coarse setting

Measure out 20g of coffee beans and grind them on a medium setting. We used setting 5.2 on Ode with Gen 2 Burrs, which is about 3.2 on Ode with Gen 1 Burrs, which is a 6.2 on Ode + SSP burrs, which would be leaning toward the middle-coarser of the Pour Over range on Opus, about 7 to 8 with the inner ring set coarser too.

2. Heat water and rinse the filter

Heat water to 202°F and rinse your filter before putting your coffee grounds in.

3. Pour 50g of water for the bloom 

Fully saturate your coffee grounds with 50g of water, and allow about 35 seconds for the bloom.

4. Continue pouring in 4 stages

After the bloom, pour to 150g, then swirl 5 times; then 250g, and swirl 5 times; and finish at 350, and swirl gently 5 more times. The total brew time varies, but we’re aiming for around 4:00 minutes.

5. Decant into your favorite mug and enjoy!

Look out for the incredible flavors of concord grape, bright lemon and citrus, and medjool date.



21g of the same coffee

73.5g of water at 185-190 F

1:3.5 ratio


1. Measure and grind coffee

Measure out 21g of coffee beans. It’s recommended by the roaster that you dose 1g extra in the basket than the basket is rated for. So, if you have a 20g basket, use 21g and pull enough water according to a 1:3.5 ratio. If you have an 18g basket, use 19g of coffee, etc.

If you have 21g of coffee in, you’d pull 73.5g of espresso out.

2. Make sure your espresso machine is at temp.

Water should ideally be at  185-190°F, roaster recommended.

3. Grind your coffee

We suggest a 15-20 second pull time, so grind medium-coarse– don’t grind what you think would be typical for espresso!

4. Pull shot at 9 bars!

Pull your shot at around 9 bars. The roaster suggests 5 seconds of preinfusion maximum, and we agree.

5. Decant into your favorite demitasse cup and enjoy!

Let us know what flavors pop out in your espresso. We suggest stirring with a small spoon before tasting to integrate all layers of the ‘spro!