Here's how we brewed this exclusive three-part processing adventure Co-Ferment Box Set from Presta!

Presta worked with exporter Forest to prepare this set of three Colombian coffees, each co-fermented with a different fruit—peach, grape, and strawberry. They took a low and slow roasting approach to protect the coffees’ fresh, bright flavors and the results are juicy and unique. Enjoy three clean, intensely fruited cups.

🌎 Origin: Huila, Colombia

🍑 Process: Peach, Grape, and Strawberry Co-Ferment

🔬 Varietal: Castillo, Colombia

⛰️ Elevation: 1,600 MASL

Brew Recipe for Three Co-Fermented Colombia Huila Coffees from Presta

Using Stagg X Dripper


22g of Co-Fermented Coffee

350g of water


We suggest trying the same recipe with all 3 coffees to see how they differ from each other!


1. Measure and grind coffee at a medium-fine setting

Measure out 22g of coffee beans and grind them on a medium-coarse setting. We used setting 7 on Ode with SSP Burrs, which is about 5 on Ode with Gen 1 Burrs, which is about a 6 on Ode with Gen 2 Burrs. This would be sitting toward the coarser end of the Pour Over range on Opus.

2. Heat water and rinse the filter

Heat water to 202°F and rinse your filter before putting your coffee grounds in.

3. Pour 50g of water for the bloom 

Fully saturate your coffee grounds with 50g of water, and allow about 35 seconds for the bloom.

4. Continue pouring in 4 stages

After the bloom, pour to 150g and swirl 5 times, gently; then 250g; and finish at 350g. Swirl 5 times after your last pour, again gently, once the water level goes down far enough to where you won’t spill over. The total brew time varies, but we’re aiming for around 3:00 minutes.

5. Decant into your favorite mug and enjoy!

Look out for the incredible difference between the flavors in the 3 coffees in the box!



20g of the same coffee

60g of water at 200 F

1:3 ratio


1. Measure and grind coffee

Measure out 20g of coffee beans.

2. Make sure your espresso machine is at temp.

Water should ideally be at  200°F.

4. Grind your coffee

We suggest a 24 second pull time. I’d start on the coarser end of the grind spectrum for espresso on Opus– but remember, the times are more important than the accuracy of Opus settings, considering espresso times can vary wildly due to atmospheric conditions in your area.

4. Pull shot at 9 bars!

Pull your shot at around 9 bars with a 24 second pull time. This is a long shot pulled quickly, as suggested by Presta’s team, to stretch the heavily fruited flavor a bit!

5. Decant into your favorite demitasse cup and enjoy!

Let us know what flavors pop out in your espresso. We suggest stirring with a small spoon before tasting to integrate all layers of the ‘spro!