Like a parent who thinks their child can do no wrong, we’re obviously biased about our precious baby Stagg EKG. To help you sort out the facts and find a kettle that suits your needs, we’ve gathered a few articles that have either tested Stagg EKG or compared multiple electric kettles on the market. Take a read and then take your pick!

The Best Electric Kettles Money Can Buy

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Stagg EGK Epicurious Review

Photography credit: Chelsea Kyle

Fellow Stagg EKG Kettle Review: The Best Damn Kettle for the Coffee-Obsessed

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Stagg EKG Gear Patrol Review

Photography Credit: Henry Phillips

The Best Tea Gifts for Tea Lovers, According To Tea Sommeliers and Consultants

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New York Magazine Stagg EKG Review


Rich Pour: 5 Essentials For A Perfect Cup Of Coffee

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New York Magazine Stagg EKG Review

Photography credit: Robin Stein

We Found The Best (And Best-Looking) Electric Kettle

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New York Magazine Stagg EKG Review


Best New Product 2017 Sprudgie Award Finalist 

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Convinced Stagg EKG is your pour-over soulmate? Now you have more options than ever. The Stagg EKG family has grown to include Polished Steel and Polished Copper along with the original Matte Black. 

Stagg EKG Electric Pour-Over Kettle