comfort milk aeropress

From espresso-style shots to immersion brews to herbal teas, our Prismo AeroPress® Coffee Maker attachment is a powerful tool that can whip up creative concoctions for all tastes. To add a sweet and creamy drink to your Prismo playbook, we partnered with one of our favorite Instagrammers, Bhagas Nissreyasa, to create a Comfort Milk Coffee recipe inspired by the flavors of his home in Indonesia.

The Ingredients

  • 25 ml of liquid creamer

  • 2 teaspoons of palm sugar

  • 50 ml of cold fresh milk

  • Ice cubes

  • 20 grams of ultra-fine coffee grinds

  • 50 ml of 212°F water


The Recipe

Dissolve and stir your palm sugar with a bit of hot water.

palm sugar

Mix your liquid palm sugar with cold milk, liquid cream, and ice cubes in a large mug or travel tumbler.


Put that cup of comfort on the side while you prepare the key ingredient—an espresso-style shot from Prismo!

Grab your AeroPress® Coffee Maker with Prismo attached and add the coffee grounds and 50 ml of water.

Stir for 10 seconds to agitate the grounds and then wait one minute for the coffee to steep.

After you've brewed your shot, stir into the milk mixture and enjoy!

comfort milk

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Recipe and photography by Bhagas Nissreyasa (@nissreyasa)