We asked, you delivered.

Last month, we put out a call to our online community to ask, “What roasteries do YOU want to see us feature this May?” We had nothing short of an avalanche of nominations from all over the country, but now the votes are in folks!

All May you can come by Fellow and try the coffees that YOU want to brew! They are:

San Francisco, CA | Founded in 2018 by Richard Torres

Flashlight Coffee Company Fellow May Featured Roasters

Coffee/Origin: Ethiopia Guji
Variety: Heirloom
Process: Natural
Notes: Chocolate-dipped strawberries, apricot, honey

“This natural processed coffee comes from Dambi Uddo, grown by the Guji Highland Farm, and processed at the Wodessa Mill. It’s an heirloom varietal grown in areas as high as 2200 meters. When brewed, this coffee can taste like a chocolate covered strawberry. It’s rich and creamy but balanced with a fruit sweetness.”


New Orleans, LA| Founded in 2006 by Demian Estevez and Angee Jackson

Mojo Coffee Roasters Flashlight Coffee Company Fellow May Featured Roaster

Coffee/Origin: Panama Hortigal Estate
Variety: Typica
Process: Washed
Notes: Brown sugar, dark chocolate, winey acidity

“Finca Hortigal has been owned and operated by the Suarez family for nearly 100 years. Today every single step of the growing and processing of this coffee is overseen by Eira Maria Suarez with the help of her adult daughters, who assist her in carrying the family’s exceptional quality standards into the next generation. Their attention to detail shines through beautifully in the cup. Panama Hortigal Estate is delicate, sweet, and perfectly balanced. It’s light, creamy body allows for its complex acidity to stand out, but never overwhelming.”

Long Island, NY | Founded in 2017 by Cory Michael, Benjamin Bowman, Kevin Murray, Pete Seybold, and Wayne Cafariella

Coffee/Origin: Costa Rica Jaguar
Variety: Caturra, Catuai
Process: Honey
Notes: Red apple, cane sugar, roasted almonds

“This Roaster’s Reserve is honey process at it’s finest, perhaps one of the smoothest roasts. Highlighting notes of toasted almonds, roasted red apple and sweet brown sugar in this smooth cup of coffee. As part of supplier’s agreement with Fundazoo, a donation of $1 is made for every quintal sold to finance the organization’s efforts in preserving Jaguars in Costa Rica.”

Chesapeake, VA | Founded in 2016 by Blake Osborn

Prescription Coffee Lab Flashlight Coffee Company Fellow May Featured Roasters

Coffee/Origin: Burundi Kibingo Kayanza
Variety: Red Bourbon
Process: Natural
Notes: Fruit punch, grape, jasmine

“This coffee is dynamic and brilliant. It is everything we have ever wanted in a naturally processed coffee. Fruity, fun and enjoyable from start to finish. It’s worth it to grab both the natural and honey process of this coffee to compare how processing can affect the flavor of the coffee. Kayanza is one of the most reputable growing regions of Burundi. Soils are rich and volcanic, while the growing conditions are optimal year round. Burundi may not have the reputation of it’s more famous coffee-producing neighbors Ethiopia and Kenya, but it is producing equally as good coffee. If you are a fan of Ethiopian naturals, this coffee will satisfy.”

Rockford, IL | Founded in 2014 by Benjamin Chauvin

Coffee/Origin: Honduras Sr. Tinoco
Variety: Pacas
Process: Washed
Notes: Tamarind, hibiscus, grapefruit

“For me, drinking coffee started somewhat as a habit. I liked drinking it, but only if it tasted good. As I learned about coffee it turned into a hobby. This hobby sent me on a search for better products, better techniques, and it taught me about the care that goes into a great cup of coffee. The transition from brewing at home to roasting beans on my own was a fairly natural one. It was brought about by the desire for the best cup possible. I cared so much. I wanted more control over how the coffee tasted. I knew that if I started with a high-quality product, and did my best to not roast too dark the result would be something that is enjoyable to drink. It would be something I could enjoy making. The results honestly blew me away, I can still taste the tangerine acidity and rustic sweetness of that first coffee from Ecuador I roasted. I let my friends try the coffee, and they were amazed as well”! “It’s not bitter at all.” “If coffee always tasted like this, I would drink it more.” “Wow, I don’t even think it needs cream and sugar!” were among the comments I received from the first batch.

Now, sometime later, this habit has grown up into a business. The “I” and “me” in this story has turned into “us” and “we”. With every roast, we are still getting similar comments to the ones that I got from that first batch. Our notion of taking a high-quality product we care about, and doing our best to keep the craft in our coffee is proving to be the foundation of the Rockford Roasting Company.” – Benjamin Chauvin, founder

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