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Get started with Tally™ Pro Precision Scale

  • How do I use Tally™ Pro Precision Scale’s Brew Assist™ mode?

    Check out the video here

  • How do I register my Tally™ Pro Precision Scale?

    In order to register your Fellow electric product, please submit this form. Registering your Tally™ Pro Precision Scale will extend your warranty by one additional year. 

    Registration is only eligible for products purchased in the United States on or after June 29, 2021.

Maintenance & Troubleshooting

  • How do I use and care for my Tally™ Pro Precision Scale?

    Ready to weigh with Tally™? Check out our Gear Guide.

    Included with the Tally™ Pro Precision Scale is the Get to Know You Guide that walks through all of the scale’s features. Cleaning and maintenance instructions are found in the Safety Manual.

    Safety Manuals by language are linked below:

  • How do I clean and maintain Tally™ Pro?

    With a removable weigh pan and super wipeable OLED display, cleaning Tally™ is a breeze. We recommend doing so at least once per month. Here are some steps for effective cleaning of your scale:

    - Prior to cleaning ensure the scale is turned off and not connected to power.

    - Clean using a damp, non-abrasive cloth or sponge and mild detergent cleaner or warm water. 

    - For a more thorough clean, remove the weigh pan following the instructions below to wipe to wipe underneath with the cloth or sponge.

    To remove and reinstall the weigh pan follow the following steps:

    - First unlock the weigh pan by turning counter-clockwise. A click will be felt.

    - Continue turning about 30 more degrees until the weigh pan disengages.

    - To reinstall, place the weigh pan back in position on the base.

    - Align the four engagement notches and then turn about 30 degrees until a click is felt.

    Please note: do not put any part of your scale in the dishwasher. Do not immerse the scale in water or any liquid. Tally Pro is water resistant but NOT waterproof.

Product FAQs

  • What materials is Tally™ Pro Precision Scale | Studio Edition made of?

    Tally™ Pro Precision Scale is made of premium studio edition materials complete with glass base, a luminous OLED display, metal touchpoints, silicone, and plastic.

  • How precise and accurate is Tally™ Pro Precision Scale?

    Tally™ Pro is as precise and accurate as you can get! Tally™ has a readability and repeatability of 0.1 g. Additionally, Tally™ is highly responsive so your readings will stabilize quickly for the utmost precision when you weigh.

    It’s important to note that to get accurate readings, a stable environment is required. A stable environment means weighing on a flat, stable surface as well as being within the optimal temperature range.

    Guidance for the optimal temperatures for using and storing tally is below:

    Charging / operating ambient range: 5-40° C / 40-104° F

    Storage: -20-60° C / -4-140° F90% Relative Humidity

  • How long does Tally™ battery last and how will I know when to charge?

    Tally™ rechargeable battery is designed to last 13 hours of continuous use. For the average user that means charging once every 1-2 months. It takes 1-2 hours for Tally™ Pro to fully charge.

    To maximize battery life Tally™ Pro will automatically turn off after 10 minutes unless timing. The display will dim after two minutes of inactivity. To turn Tally™ Pro off yourself, press and hold the dial for one second.

    When your battery is getting low Tally™ Pro will remind you to charge by flashing the remaining battery when powering on or off. Otherwise, you can check the battery status by plugging or unplugging the USB-C cable.

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