Special Guest Curated Drop! Today’s coffee was chosen by reigning US Barista Champ, Morgan Eckroth (aka @morgandrinkscoffee). Meet the velvety and sweet Black Honey Wush Wush by Push X Pull!

“This coffee has a super unique flavor profile,” says Morgan. “It has an undercurrent of black tea and baking spices that is incredibly complimentary to the deep citrus in the profile… a very comforting coffee, sippable yet complex.”

Black Honey Wush Wush

🌍 Origin: Ginbo, Keffa, Ethiopia
🍯 Process: Black Honey
🔬 Varietal: Wush Wush
⛰ Elevation: 1,850 - 1,950 MASL

Pour-Over Recipe

(3:30 - 4:30 Total Brew Time)
Dose: 22g
H20: 330g
Temp: 205 F
Grind setting: Medium-Fine