Here's how we brew this decadent natural process with a Fruit Loop fragrance and sweet berries to the brim: Yirgacheffe Adame Gorbota by Per’La!

This is our second Drop from Miami’s discerning Per’La, who’ve racked up Good Food Awards for their Ethiopian roasts. Grown by members of the Adame Gorbota Cooperative in the coveted terroir of Yirgacheffe, this coffee exhibits all the rich berry sweetness we love about the region. 

We tasted red cherry punch, strawberry jam, ripe raspberries, peach, honeysuckle, a juicy Meyer lemon acidity, underlying florals, and a decadent yet clean body. It only gets sweeter as it cools!

🌍 Origin: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

🌞 Process: Natural

🔬 Varietal: Heirloom

⛰️ Elevation: 1,937 - 1,950 MASL

Natural Yirgacheffe 

Brew Recipe for Yirgacheffe Adame Gorbota by Per’La

Using Stagg [X] Dripper


23g of Mahembe by The Barn Coffee.

350g of water


1. Measure and grind coffee

Measure out 23g of coffee beans and grind them on a medium setting. We used setting 6.2 on Ode with SSP Burrs.

2. Heat water and rinse the filter

Heat water to 205°F and rinse your filter before putting your coffee grounds in.

3. Pour 46g of water for the bloom 

Fully saturate your coffee grounds with twice as much water as coffee, and allow about 32 seconds for the bloom.

4. Continue pouring in 3 stages

After the bloom, pour to 150g, then 250g, and finish at 350g, at a rate of approximately 10 seconds per pour.

5. Decant into your favorite mug and enjoy!

Look out for the incredible flavors of red cherry punch, strawberry jam, ripe raspberries, and peach.