It’s the Fellow Drops Pride Spectacular! Featuring a coffee from one of the best and most-established LGTBQIA+ roasters in the country and an optional limited-edition Pride Carter mug. Celebrate the month with Colombia Las Margaritas by Equator!

Colombia Las Margaritas

🌎 Origin: Valle del Cauca, Colombia
💦 Process: Washed
🔬 Varietal: Yellow Bourbon
⛰ Elevation: 1,400-2,000 MASL

Woman and LGBTQ+ founded, San Francisco’s Equator has pioneered a socially-responsible model for coffee sourcing and roasting since 1995. This washed Yellow Bourbon lot comes from the experimental Finca Las Margaritas in Colombia. A natural mutation of the more widespread Red Bourbon, Yellow Bourbon produces a uniquely citrusy cup. We tasted black currant, stone fruit, and floral honey.