This week’s drop is Ethiopia Hambela by Anchorhead! Hailie shows you how to brew on Stagg X and XF and gives some tips on XF brewing.

Ethiopia Hambela

🌍 Origin: Guji Zone, Oromia, Ethiopia
🌞 Process: Natural
🔬 Varietal: Indigenous Heirloom
⛰ Elevation: 1,900-2,200 MASL

Pour-Over Recipe with Stagg [X] Dripper

23g in, 350g out 205F Temp
Ode Setting: 3 (Medium-Fine)
Pour 1: 50 grams (Bloom 30-45s)
Pour 2: 100g to 150g
Pour 4: 95g to 345g

Pour-Over Recipe with Stagg [XF] Dripper

40g in, 600g out 4:00 brew time, 205F
Ode Setting: 4 (Medium-Coarse)
Pour 1: 80 grams (Bloom 30-45s)
Pour 3: 200 to 450g
Pour 4: 450g to 600g


0:00 Intro
0:50 Stagg [X]
7:20 Stagg [XF]
9:20 Stagg [XF] vs [X] Brew Tips