We’re going the extra mile with this drop, a coffee all the way from London’s specialty coffee powerhouse: El Paraíso by Square Mile!

Founded by World Barista Champ James Hoffmann and World Cup Tasters Champ Anette Moldvaer, Square Mile’s coffees now win the awards. El Paraíso is a new offering for them, sourced through Aida Batlle’s prestigious certification program. The Cup of Excellence winner finds and nurtures incredible producers in El Salvador and beyond and her processing expertise shines through with this coffee.

We tasted chocolate, blackberry, sugarcane and almond, with a tealike body, and a sweet cream finish.
🌎 Origin: Santa Ana, El Salvador
🌞 Process: Natural
🔬 Varietal: Bourbon
⛰ Elevation: 1,200-1,300 MASL

Brew Recipe


  • 15g El Paraíso from Square Mile
  • 250g Water (pre-heated)


1. Pre-warm your Aeropress

Pour warm water into your Aeropress to let it warm up. Have it run through the filter and toss out the water.

2. Grind your Beans

Grind at your preferred grind setting for medium-fine to fine grinds. We ground at 3 on the Ode Brew Grinder with Gen 2 Burrs (1-2 if using Gen 1 Burrs, 3 if using SSP). Pour ground beans into the Aeropress.

3. Pour in Water

Pour all the way up to 250 grams of water. Use a spoon to gently agitate for about 10 seconds to ensure all grounds are soaked with water.

4. Let sit, then agitate

Let the coffee sit in the Aeropress and water for about 45 seconds. At three minutes, agitate again for about 10 seconds.

5. Plunge

Keep your pressure consistent as you push the Aeropress directly down through the vessel. Continue until the plunger reaches the coffee grounds. Remove Aeropress and enjoy!