Here's how we brew this amazing little jammy, a little boozy, very fruity, and very exclusive: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe by Klatch Coffee!

Grown at high altitudes in the iron-rich soils of Ethiopia’s Gedeo Zone, this coffee went through anaerobic natural processing, fermented for 120 hours in an oxygen-free environment then sundried for 15-18 days, bringing out an intense fruitiness.

We tasted strawberry jam, kiwi, rose, white grape, blueberry, honey, and sweet orange liqueur (Grand Marnier, anyone?), along with a punchy body and a sparkling Meyer lemon acidity.

🌍 Origin: Gedeo Zone, Ethiopia

⚗️ Process: Anaerobic Natural

🔬 Varietal: Heirloom

⛰  Elevation: 1,850 - 2,150 MASL

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Brew Recipe for Ethiopia Yirgacheffe by Klatch Coffee

Using Stagg [X] Dripper


28g of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe by Klatch Coffee

350g of water


1. Measure and grind coffee

Measure out 28g of coffee beans and grind them on a medium to medium-fine coarse setting. We used setting 6.2 on Ode with Gen 2 Burrs, which is about 7.2 on Ode with Gen 1 Burrs.

2. Heat water and rinse the filter

Heat water to 205°F and rinse your filter before putting your coffee grounds in.

3. Pour 56g of water for the bloom 

Fully saturate your coffee grounds with twice as much water as coffee, and allow about 35 seconds for the bloom.

4. Continue pouring in 3 stages

After the bloom, pour to 150g, then 250g, and finish at 350g. The total brew time should be about 3:30 minutes

5. Decant into your favorite mug and enjoy!

Look out for the incredible flavors of kiwi, blueberry, honey, and sweet orange liqueur