Cancel your breakfast plans, we have a better offer—a sweet, crumbly pastry in a mug—Ethiopia Yirgacheffe by Per’La!

Miami-based Per’La won a Good Food Award earlier this year for one of their Ethiopian roasts, and this coffee shares the same complexly fruity profile. It was grown by the Worka Co-op in southern Yirgacheffe, a 300-member co-op renowned for their producing some of the most consistently high quality coffees in the region. We tasted blueberry, sweet crumb cake and berry pastry, with hints of aloe and key lime in the finish.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

🌍 Origin: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
🌞 Process: Natural
🔬 Varietal: Ethiopian Heirloom
⛰ Elevation: 1,850 MASL

Pour-Over Recipe

(~3:30 Total Brew Time)
Dose: 22g
H20: 350g
Temp: 205 F
Grind setting: Medium/Medium-Fine