Here's another Drops exclusive, a tropical treat by a super-established roaster: Guatemala Las Palomas by Kuma!

Seattle-based Kuma started roasting coffee in 2008 and they’ve focused purely on the craft ever since, earning nationwide acclaim with just a four-person roasting team and no cafe. This exclusive lot is one of their seasonal favorites. Grown on a small two acre farm by the Domingo family, it was processed at Luis Pedro Zeleya Zamora’s Bella Vista Mill, famous for putting Guatemala on the specialty coffee map.

We tasted blood orange, green apple, papaya, caramel, and chocolate, with a deliciously lingering pecan nuttiness.

Guatemala Las Palomas

🌎 Origin: Huehuetenango, Guatemala
💦 Process: Washed
🔬 Varietal: Caturra, Pache
⛰ Elevation: 1,950 MASL

Pour-Over Recipe

(3:40 Total Brew Time)
Dose: 22g
H20: 350g
Temp: 205 F
Grind setting: 3.2 (Ode Gen 2)