Here's how we brewed this exclusive taste of the 2023 harvest from an exceptional producer, roasted by Parlor Coffee!

Finca El Pino is virtually inaccessible most of the year due to rainfall and dirt roads, and water is piped in from the rainforest above it. The farm is managed by Nicolas Alvarado and his family without any hired help, and their coffees are testament to their persistence through difficult circumstances. We tasted tart cranberry, pink florals, elderberry, a crisp green apple acidity, and a lingering juicy lime finish.

🌎 Origin: Santa Bárbara, Honduras

💦 Process: Washed

🔬 Varietal: Yellow and Red Pacas

⛰️ Elevation: 1,750 MASL

Brew Recipe for Honduras El Pino

Using Stagg X Dripper


20g of Honduras El Pino

300g of water



1. Measure and grind coffee at a medium setting

Measure out 20g of coffee beans and grind them on a medium-coarse setting. We used setting 5.2 on Ode with SSP Burr / 4.2 on Ode with Gen 2 Burrs, which is about 3.2 on Ode with Gen 1 Burrs. Suggested setting on Opus is between 6.1 - 7!

2. Heat water and rinse the filter

Heat water to 205°F and rinse your filter before putting your coffee grounds in.

3. Pour 60g of water for the bloom 

Fully saturate your coffee grounds with 60g of water, and allow around 45 seconds for the bloom.

4. Continue pouring in 4 stages

After the bloom, pour to 150g and swirl 5-10 times gently; when water drains about halfway, pour to 250g; then finish at 300g, and agitate with 5 gentle swirls once water drains halfway. The total brew time varies, but we’re aiming for 3:30-4:30 minutes.

5. Decant into your favorite mug and enjoy!

Look out for the incredible flavors of sweet lime, florals, apple, and elderberry.



20g of the same coffee

40g of water at 205 F

1:2 ratio

0:30 second pull time


1. Measure and grind coffee

Measure out 20g of coffee beans.

2. Make sure your espresso machine is at temp.

Water should ideally be at  205°F.

4. Grind your coffee

We suggest a brew time of 30 seconds.

4. Pull shot at 9 bars!

Pull your shot at 9 bars with around a 30 second pull time.

5. Decant into your favorite demitasse cup and enjoy!

Let us know what flavors pop out in your espresso. We suggest stirring with a small spoon before tasting to integrate all layers of the ‘spro!