This week's drop is Madcap's Samuel Degelo! By popular request, we go over two espresso recipes that offer different results for this coffee. Thanks for watching!

For a detailed pour-over guide please reference our previous videos such as:

Madcap's Samuel Degelo

🌍 Origin: Odo Shakisso, Guji, Ethiopia
đź’¦ Process: Washed
🔬 Varietal: Mixed Ethiopian Landrace
â›° Elevation: 1,850-2,050 MASL


Espresso Recipe #1

Preinfuse 3 bars 5-10s, ramp up to 6 bars until 25-30g in cup, ramp down to 3 bars
Dose: 18g in
Out: 36g out
Time: 40-45s

Espresso Recipe #2

Dose: 20.5g in
Out: 33g
Time: 38s


Dose: 22g
H20: 350g
Temp: 205 F
Grind setting: Medium to Medium Coarse. 3-4 on Stock Ode, 7-8 on SSP MP (5 clicks off chirp).


Today's Coffee 0:00
Espresso Intro 3:15
Espresso Recipe #1 6:37
Espresso Recipe #2 10:40