Here’s how we brew this exclusive coffee, which comes all the way from a legendary Berlin roaster, and this is the only place to try it stateside: Mahembe by The Barn!

Founded in 2010, The Barn is a pioneer of Germany’s specialty coffee scene. They’ve worked with producer Justin Musabyimana for eight years, and his strikingly clean washed Red Bourbon is an incredible representation of the Rwandan terroir.

We tasted tart orange, plum, grape soda, and honey, with a stone fruit aroma and a juicy lime acidity.

🌍 Origin: Western Province, Rwanda

💦 Process: Washed

🔬 Varietal: Red Bourbon

⛰️ Elevation: 1,700 - 1,900 MASL

The Barn - Mahembe

Brew Recipe for Mahembe by The Barn 

Using Prismo AeroPress® Attachment


16g of Mahembe by The Barn Coffee.

230g of water


1. Measure and grind coffee

Measure out 16g of coffee beans and grind them on a medium to medium-fine setting. We used setting 4 on Opus

2. Preheat your Aeropress

Preheat your Aeropress once the water is at 202 F, then dump excess water.

3. Add the 16g of coffee

4.  Initial Pour

Pour 230g of water into Aeropress and wait 20 seconds.

5. Stir and Press with Prismo AeroPress® Attachment

After 20 seconds, agitate semi-vigorously for 5 stirs, and wait until the 1 min mark.
Agitate for 5 more stirs at the 60 seconds mark, and after, Press with consistent pressure.

6. Press into your favorite mug (after removing your scale from underneath) and enjoy! 

Look out for the incredible flavors of grape soda and honey with a stone fruit aroma.