A product company, a roaster, and an astrophotographer walk into an Icelandic bar. Introducing Northern Lights—an exclusive collaboration with Fellow, Onyx Coffee Lab, astrophotographer Jack Fusco, and the whole night sky.

For this world premiere, Onyx sourced a celestial coffee that will have you seeing stars. Producer Niguse Gemeda Mude exclusively focuses on natural process coffees and won Ethiopia’s Cup of Excellence in 2020. We test-drove this coffee under the real northern lights in Iceland and created a custom stargazing-ready 16 oz Carter Move Mug + 360° Sip Lid to pair with it.

Northern Lights – Ethiopia Keramo Niguse Gemeda Mude

Brew Gear:

- Stagg EKG or Stagg stovetop (if you're on a black sand beach in Iceland 😉)
- Ode Brew Grinder
- Stagg [X] Dripper


✨ Recipe developed by Onyx ✨

20 grams coffee | Ode setting 1.2
300 grams water | 203°F

First pour | 40 grams
Second pour | 80 grams at 45 seconds
Third pour | 60 grams at 1 minute 35 seconds
Fourth pour | 60 grams at 2 minutes 15 seconds
Fifth pour | 60 grams at 3 minutes