• We don’t make brewing gear like anyone else. Hidden inside all of our electric kettles and coffee scales is a video game, designed to make your morning that little bit brighter and less boring.

How to play our hidden video games

Choose your console and get the guide.

The 2023 World Championships

For our 10 year Fellowversary, we’re throwing an epic competition with all our hidden video games. One week. Three events. Everything to play for.

    How to enter the Fellow Games

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      Choose your gaming category: Wormy, Bricky, or Jumpy.

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      Play along during the 2-day window for each category.

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      Take a picture of your highest score and submit it below!

    Submit your scores

    New high score? You can submit multiple scores in the same event within the competition window.

    Get your controller

    What you could win

    • The Grand Prize

      The Grand Prize

      The winner of each event receives a $500 Fellow Gift Card, a cape, a crown, and once-in-a-decade glory.

    • The Runners-Up

      The Runners-Up

      The second and third place winners in each event receives a $250 or $100 Fellow Gift Card respectfully

    • The Top 10

      The Top 10

      Everyone who lands from fourth to tenth place in each event receives a Carter Cold Tumbler.