This week's drop features Onyx's Costa Rica Las Lajas Natural! We've tasted: Raspberry Jam / Raspberry Tartness, Caramel Sweetness, and a clean/light body. This week we're pulling espresso but don't worry, this coffee is great as a pour-over. In a pour-over, this coffee is incredibly clean and the raspberry tartness is very present. In an espresso, the raspberry is impactful and upfront with an overall caramel sweetness. This can be a great choice for your milk-based drinks if you want sweet fruitiness in your lattes/capps! If you have any questions please leave a comment below and we'll get back to you! - Brian

Espresso Recipe:

-18g in, 36g out

-25-30 seconds


We'd recommend you start off with this and experiment as this can depend on your equipment. I personally prefer this coffee in a longer ratio (1:3) as the raspberry note becomes more apparent. -Brian

Pour-Over Recipe:

- 20g in, 340g out 2:45-3:00 brew time

- Ode Grind setting 2 (experiment with the notches between 1-2)

- Temp: 205f

1. Bloom 2x weight (40g) 30-45s

2. Pour 100 to 140g

3. Pour 100g to 240g

4. Pour 100g to 340g

In a pour-over, this coffee provides a very clean cup and the raspberry tartness comes out! You can experiment with finer grinds on this coffee to bring out the acidity/tartness of the raspberry. - Brian