Below Andrew Perkins’ rural home in the Santa Cruz mountains spans a network of fire roads. Meant for fire containment, Andrew hopped on his bike as a kid and used the dirt roads as a jumping off point to blaze a new path into the woods. He’d veer off when he saw an adventure waiting to happen and then find his way back on the road to get home in time for dinner. These fire roads were his first gateway to nature.

In 2015, Andrew started San Francisco design brand, Fire Road. The Santa Cruz mountains not only inspired the name, but also his love for designing and building. At 12-years-old, Andrew constructed his first project, a tricked out Home Alone-style treehouse. Booby traps, pulley system for transporting food and water, a tripwire that sent a shoe on a string flying toward your face. You name it, this treehouse had it.

While Andrew’s design aesthetics evolved beyond booby traps (although this writer would argue that booby traps should be incorporated into more things), he still puts the same passion and detail into every single one of his creations. Fire Road is focused on creating iconic home goods with unique material combinations, minimalist design, and excellent function. Every product is made in the USA, combining advanced production with superior craftsmanship to create innovative and inviting accessories for the home. Andrew values permanence, quality, and sustainability in everything he does.

Since the beginning, beautifully functional has been the foundation of Fellow’s design principles. Every element of a product must equally push forward both functionality and aesthetics. To celebrate brands who share in our same approach when making and creating, we’re launching a new collaboration platform, Fellow Partnerships. We’re honored to work with Andrew Perkins and Fire Road for our first official partnership.

Fellow x Fire Road Serving Set Collection



Everyday objects meet high-design for a collection centered around the art of entertaining for the Fire Road x Fellow Collection. Carrara marble contrasted with powder coated aluminum in Fellow’s signature matte black fuse together for a timeless yet modern serving set that includes a serving tray, bar tray, and bottle opener.

“While designing Fire Road x Fellow, I was inspired by opposing materials coming together to create a beautiful relationship. The Carrara marble is the natural element, while the matte black aluminum leans industrial,” said Andrew. “Each individual piece has a little bit of the other pieces in their design. They are a stunning complementary set, but each piece looks effortless standing alone.”




Fire Road x Fellow is a limited-run collection. Shop each piece separately or snag the entire set to save $28.