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By Team Fellow |

The Bedtime: Clara French Press Recipe

Hold up. A French press recipe that doesnā€™t include coffee? Yes, folks. We know the Fellow world revolves around coffee 99% of the time, but we do have a soft...

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By Danny Hernandez |

The Weekender: Clara French Press Recipe

Whatā€™s the rush? The caffeine-pounding mornings of Monday through Friday are over. Itā€™s the weekend. This is a slow Sunday type of French press recipe. Taking your time is crucial...

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By Hanna McPhee |

The Classic: Clara French Press Recipe

No scale? No problem. Clara French Press recipes are easy. Load grounds up to the coffee line and hot water up to the water line. Bada bing, bada brew. Whether...

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By Hannah Miller |

Back To Brewing School: Pour-Over Basics 101

Class is back in session. To help ace your morning coffee routine, here's a primer on pour-over. No prerequisites required! Course Materials: Stagg EKGStagg [X] DripperMighty Small Glass Carafe Dial...

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By johnny randolph |

How To Brew An Americano with Prismo

The ā€œPrismocanoā€ is a manual take on a North American cafĆ© classic drink of espresso diluted with hot water called an Americano. Itā€™s basically a way of making a cup...

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