Superpowers For
Your AeroPress®
Coffee Maker


Make Espresso-Style
Coffee with

Meet Prismo, the AeroPress® Coffee Maker attachment that unlocks espresso-style coffee when you don’t have an espresso machine. Syrupy and full-bodied, Prismo’s quick punch of caffeine will save the day…or at least your morning.

Meet Prismo



Pressure Actuated Valve – The secret weapon for “pulling a shot” with more pressure. The valve stays sealed until you press down. The valve’s small aperture also fits directly over an espresso shot glass.

No Drip Seal – Ditch the flip. Brew a full immersion without inverting your AeroPress® Coffee Maker.

Reusable Etched Metal Filter – Cut out the middleman. The 70 micron etched fine metal filter stops sludge in its tracks.

Utility Belt of Recipes

Espresso-style shots, Americanos, full-immersion, tea and cold brew – endless superpowers


Superpowers for your AeroPress®Coffee Maker

Be a hero and swoop in to save your morning! Better hurry, the first batch of Prismos are going fast.


AeroPress® Coffee Maker is a registered trademark of AeroPress, Inc. | Prismo is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by AeroPress, Inc.